Ericaceae-Neotropical Blueberries
James L. Luteyn and Paola Pedraza-Peñalosa
The New York Botanical Garden




Key to Species


          Utleya is a monotypic genus endemic to central Costa Rica and is represented only by Utleya costaricensis.
UTLEYA Wilbur & Luteyn, Brittonia 29(3): 267, fig. 4.  1977.  Type:  Utleya costaricensis Wilbur & Luteyn.

     Epiphytic shrub.  Leaves alternate, coriaceous, petiolate, pinnately-nerved.  Inflorescence axillary, short-racemose, few-flowered.  Flowers 5-merous, without odor;  aestivation valvate;  pedicel bibracteolate; calyx articulate with pedicels, conspicuously 5-winged from the base to the apex, the wings alternating with the lobes;  hypanthium obconic;  limb spreading;  lobes apiculate;  corollas carnose, urceolate, conspicuously 5-spurred opposite the lobes;  stamen 10, equal, nearly as long as the corolla;  filaments distinct, the connectives lacking spurs;   anthers lacking disintegration tissue;  thecae smooth, curved inwards at the base;  tubules 2, distinct to the base, flexible, dehiscing through oval, introrse elongate rims;  pollen without viscin threads;  ovary inferior, 5-locular;  ovules numerous.  Fruit unknown.

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      Utleya costaricensis

     This synthesis has been modified from Luteyn and Wilbur 1977.


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